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Photography Workshops




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4 days
Lake District
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1 Day

1-1 Beginners Tuition


"My teaching method is relaxed yet structured and assumes nothing of the participant or their ability so that each person receives a unique workshop tailored to their level of experience. The day is structured to enable you to develop to shoot entirely alone in the future, comfortable in the knowledge you have the skills and knowledge necessary to produce stunning images." 

1 Day Workshop consisting of :

8 hours of tuition.

Learn the fundamentals of shooting in manual mode and controlling light to give you the very best exposure. Aperture, Iso and Shutter Speed. (Exposure Triangle)

Good Tripod Technique

Understand composition and the rule of thirds, the do's and don'ts.

Learn to visualise and manage your perspective.

Planning, preparation and execution.

Filters and how to use them effectively, also learn how to bracket and focus stack for pin sharp results.

Hyperfocal distance and focus tips including depth of field.

Shooting and processing stitched panoramic images


Group Bookings

Are are available on request. Price is dependant on group size.